Better in so many ways

Much quicker installation times, allowing you a quicker overall build and a much more efficient one!


As opposed to traditional foundation techniques and others on the market Styrodur XPS is a much stronger material and a German standard.


Overall costs of Isolohr are much cheaper than traditional methods.


With industry presence in Germany for over 70 years, Isolohr proves that its a suitable method of construction for all projects



CRS Future Build Ltd is the product of the experience-led vision conceived by our Commercial Directors (Paul Senior and Simon Eyre). With their collective experience, more than 40 years in Groundworks and Civil Engineering alongside a commitment to innovation, CRS Future Build Ltd was born.

The main focus of the idea was conceived to provide a modern and energy efficient approach to the foundation market. Currently, the main business has experienced changing conditions and market forces such as commitment of traditional labour streams (brick laying and ground workers) with strong indications of streamlining the work-cycle with less input and demand on labour were observed.

A diverging market can be seen with a variety of build methods now available. Couple this with the energy efficiencies required from modern living, aspirations of self-build homes have signalled a demand in the marketplace for high quality, fast application foundation solutions. The emergence of an entire sector confirms this and this led to CRS Future Build Ltd owning exclusive rights to a foundation solution called Isolohr; a premium, bespoke insulated raft foundation.

Our solution is a premium material that is manufactured from Extruded Polystyrene (XPS for short). Where we differ in a market of other polystyrene foundation products is clear:

• Isolohr is a bespoke concept, with a foundation manufactured specifically to customer needs and supplied in ‘plug and play’ kit form.

• Self - build friendly and quick to execute (less than 3 days) we are a clear market contender for those who wish to achieve a predictable build that achieve strong U-Values with ease of application

• Isolohr has a proven track record on the continent and has been used in mainland Europe for the past 50 years. CRS Future Build Ltd can now offer German engineering with British application; a winning combination.

What is CRS and what do you provide?

CRS Group Ltd is a groundworks company, providing civil engineering solutions as well as site safety and training services.

Our aim is to become the premier groundworks and civil engineering company. Our business is divided into four distinct areas namely;

• CRS Plant – A fleet of diverse light and heavy plant machinery maintained to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on providing the latest technology in plant and equipment.

• CRS Future Build – A direct and customer focussed business, providing innovative new products to the housing market. Projects delivered UK wide, gaining customer confidence through the knowledge and support of the larger group.

• CRS Civil Engineering – Delivering civil engineering throughout the housing sector, working closely with social housing, commercial house builders and bespoke self-build developments. CRS Group has over 27 years’ experience within the housing sector. Working with well-known house building companies delivering quality homes across Yorkshire.

• CRS Safety and Training Services – A service providing training to commercial groups as well as in-house, ensuring we continue our proactive approach to on-site safety and maintain the highest standards on our sites.


    Minimal install times creating faster project times


    It works out considerably cheaper than traditional methods

  • energy EFFICIENT

    Providing a healthy environment for the end user and drastically reducing bills


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