Safe and sound – support our customers, people and wider stakeholders to take responsibility for safety in design and on site.

Recruit the best people we can afford – to ensure that the Directors are the least talented in our team!

Take responsibility for our impact – consider the impact of our actions on our customers, our team and also on the wider environment.

Control cost and growth – balance our investment in growth with the needs of the here and now, to create strong foundations in our business.

Consider our legacy – ensure that we always consider our end game and the legacy we are creating for our family and our team.

Act as if each day is a fresh start and an opportunity for learning – no pretensions that we have the best way of doing things or that we know better than our customers.

Engagement – make our plans transparent and accessible, communicate progress and provide opportunity for open debate with our team. Expect the same courtesy from our people in return.

Innovate – to ensure we understand and take advantage of emerging opportunities, markets or legislation.


If you’re interested in building with Sylva Group please see their details below:

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