18th January 2017

Technical Data

DIN-compliant solution with the IsoLohr Frost Shield System

According to DIN, buildings without basements provided with elastically embedded floor slabs (cantilever floor slabs) are not frost free. Depending on the insulation standard, nature of the substrate, and indoor and outdoor temperatures, there is risk of winter freezing beneath the floor slab, resulting in damage to the building.

The IsoLohr Floor Slab ® System with frost shield produced in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13793 prevents such frost from settling in beneath the slab. The horizontal insulation causes a heat flow extension horizontally away from the building, thus shielding off any intrusion of frost into the area beneath the floor slab. The size of the frost shield depends on the specific climatic conditions.

DIN EN ISO 13793

This standard provides simplified procedures for the thermo-technical calculations of building foundations in respect to the avoidance of frost heave. It applies to heated as well as unheated buildings. Unheated buildings release less heat than heated buildings and thus require higher insulation to protect their foundations. It‘s really quite simple: insulated floor slabs are the best and least expensive way to protect structural elements from frost penetrating beneath the foundation.

Technical Data Sheet

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